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Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship Request

Propose marketing and sales co-operation with mutual benefit.

We start from analyzing the needs of your potential sponsor. We go through their recent press releases and their strategy declarations. We will search for ways to connect your project with their key business targets. We will focus on presenting common benefits of the proposed co-operation that will help both the sponsor and your company to succeed.

We will aim at offering your potential sponsor

  • an opportunity to gain positive publicity within the target groups that are important to them,
  • new means to penetrate market segments that are important to them and
  • possibilities to increase their sales in their target market segments
  • by participating your project as a business sponsor.

We will craft a concrete proposal on the sponsorship project for their potential sponsor. We introduce your company and your team to the potential sponsor.

Sponsorship requests can also be applied inside a large company to e.g. apply for funds to start developing new technological solutions.

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