Marketing plan
Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

How to use your available resources most efficiently to reach the customer acquisition targets?

We will start building your marketing plan based on your customer acquisition and sales targets.

To understand your targets we will ask:

  • What are your customer acquisition targets?
  • Who are your potential customers?

To understand your product, solution or service offering we will ask:

  • What customer issue(s) does your production/solution solve?
  • How does our offering increase customer’s revenues or decrease costs?

To understand your sales and marketing resources we will ask:

  • How much time can your team devote to marketing and sales actions?
  • How much is your marketing budget?

We will build a prioritized plan based on this information. We will use selected items from our Marketing Catalog and create a marketing mix to facilitate your sales activities. Stepwise implementation of the plan will enable you to move on in a fast phase and to receive early customer feedback on your proposed technology solution. The Marketing Plan will be tuned according to the received customer feedback and usage experiences.

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